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When NOT To Fire Your “China Guy.”

Lewis FarrellLewis Farrell, Marketing Strategist, Research... (more)
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"Went to dinner with a Shanghai friend the other night.  This is someone who has been living in China nearly twenty years and speaks fluent Mandarin and Shanghainese.  This is a “China guy” who really knows China.

A couple of his stories resonated.  One was about how his best client fired him.  Here’s that story.  My friend was tasked with making sure that his client’s product was made right and  delivered on time. To a large extent, this meant that his role was antagonistic to that of the Chinese manufacturer.  My friend constantly had to make sure that the Chinese manufacturer did things a certain way, and especially that no bad product pass through. To put it more bluntly and relevantly, my friend was costing the Chinese manufacturer money.

The Chinese manufacturer didn’t like that and so it mounted a campaign to get him fired."

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Where is China heading? Will China adapt? How?


Lewis Farrell
Lewis Farrell
Marketing Strategist, Researcher, Change Management Innovator.